Are you looking for me????

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*chic noir pulls step ladder over to window and climbs up to post sign*

*chic noir goes to step down and misses step*


*chic noir rubs forhead and limps off*

Note reads as follows:

I decided that home prices haven’t fallen enought for me to spend money to set up in the wordpress neighborhood.

Come check me out at 

hello all

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*chic noir walks in and takes a look around*

*chic noir pulls at the hairs on her chin and mumbles to self*

not bad… not bad at all

Dana… how much did you say this place is going for again???

since the markets good right now, I might just be moving into this here neighborhood. With the cash I saved and the upcoming e-alimoney and e-child support from the love of my e-life sorry doug, I might just be able to afford this upgrade.